Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-13T14:33:56+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Are any of the costs refundable?2021-04-13T14:19:47+01:00

For most of our venues, there is usually a bond of £100 + VAT, which is returnable after the wedding.

Are we able to book a company to dress our venue with chair covers and centrepieces?2021-04-13T14:15:09+01:00

Yes of course you are. We can do this for you.

Are we allowed confetti at your venues?2021-04-13T14:14:38+01:00

Again this depends on the specific venues so please check with your own Event Manager.

Are we allowed fireworks at your venues?2021-04-13T14:14:17+01:00

This depends on the specific venues so it is best to check with your own Event Manager.

Can I bring my own caterer?2021-04-13T14:20:34+01:00

We think there’s no need to bring your own caterers, as our team can cater to any vision, taste and dietary requirements! However, for the evening, you might like to have street food vans and hog roasts, especially if you’re outside a lot.

Can I bring my own entertainment like DJs or bands?2021-04-13T14:25:22+01:00

Yes, of course! We have our own in-house options but if you have found your own then in most cases there is a one-off charge of £100 + VAT.

Can I get a wedding breakfast and also food for the evening?2021-04-13T14:21:49+01:00

Yes, of course! We’re here to discuss your bespoke food requirements.

Can I see example menus for each of your wedding venues?2021-04-13T14:22:59+01:00

The menus themselves are the same for each venue – you can see the Dine Menus here. Sometimes the prices vary at different venues so do check with your event manager. We also have our Dine Collection service with offers our highest level of food and service.

Can we book our own wedding entertainment or do we need to book this through Bright Ideas Events?2021-04-13T14:07:28+01:00

Yes of course you can however we are more than happy to take the pressure off you and do this on your behalf. If you wish for us to help we will work with you to find the right artist/s to compliment your event perfectly and then we will take care of all of the paperwork, adding the entertainment fees onto your overall summary of costs from BIE. If you wish to book your own entertainment all we ask is that you provide us with the artist’s public liability insurance and also copies of their PAT tests.

Can you accommodate special diets like vegetarianism/veganism, gluten-free, Halal, kosher or food allergies in your menus?2021-04-13T14:23:23+01:00

Yes, we can! Just let us know exactly what you want and don’t want and we’ll work around your requirement.

Could we have a canape event as well as a sit down meal?2021-04-13T14:17:44+01:00

A lot of corporate events are mainly canapé ones, as it is very easy to network.

Do any of the venues allow exclusive hire?2021-04-13T14:25:41+01:00

Nearly all of our venues are on an exclusive basis, meaning yours is the only wedding taking place that day at the venue. Some venues have churches on the estate or have other venues within the estate or in close proximity, which is worth bearing in mind.

You’ll find the venues where there is not a single other person or member of the public in view will have the highest hire fees, so do consider exactly what level of exclusivity you’re after.

Do Bright Ideas Events venues have liability insurance?2021-04-13T14:24:40+01:00

Yes. BIE has liability insurance, as do all the separate venues.

Do I need to organise my own liability insurance?2021-04-13T14:25:00+01:00

Yes, if you are bringing external suppliers, you will need your own liability insurance with coverage up to £5 million.

Do suppliers have special requirements they need to meet, like liability insurance or PAT testing for DJ equipment?2021-04-13T14:20:17+01:00

Yes, suppliers must have public liability insurance with coverage up to £5 million. We also require PAT testing certificates for music equipment. If you are bringing external suppliers like DJs, bands or other entertainment, you can pass on their details to your event manager and we will liaise directly with them about these requirements.

Do we get a Toastmaster included in our Wedding package?2021-04-13T14:16:59+01:00

With all of our Wedding packages, your Dine Event Manager will act as your Master of Ceremonies. We are happy to do all of the formal announcements for the day such as inviting your guests for dinner and introducing the speeches, but you are of course welcome to book your own professionally trained Toastmaster if you wish.

Do you have a payment plan?2021-04-13T14:06:59+01:00

Once you have paid your initial 20% deposit payment your date is booked and secured. We then split the remaining balance of your event in 2, with the first 50% due 4 months before your event date and the remaining 30% due 4 weeks before the big day.

Do you have special deals for cancellations?2021-04-13T14:18:43+01:00

Yes, we do occasionally have special deals for late availability dates.

Have you got any recommendations from previous clients?2021-04-13T14:18:20+01:00

Yes, we would love to supply you with feedback from past clients.

How much input can I have on the food menu?2021-04-13T14:22:33+01:00

As much or as little as you want! We do have some set menus at different price points or we can indulge your every whim or design something for you – it’s totally up to you! Check out our menus and catering page to see just some of what we can do for you.

If accommodation at the venue is limited or not available, where would wedding guests stay?2021-04-13T14:26:10+01:00

We have friendly links with local hotels who are used to looking after our guests and can provide an efficient booking service. If you speak to your event manager they can give you some recommendations for each local area.

If we hire the chair covers to be delivered to the venue would you be able to fit them for us?2021-04-13T14:15:37+01:00

We can fit them for you however we would need to arrange for an additional member of staff to do this as all of our staff will be allocated to our morning room set-up.

Is equipment (like chairs and glassware) included at any of the venues or will I have to hire my own?2021-04-13T14:21:08+01:00

Every venue is different so it is best to check with your event manager first. In most cases, equipment and furniture are included. There are lots of options to upgrade different elements to suit your special day.

Is there a venue hire charge or does pricing work on a per person basis?2021-04-13T14:23:52+01:00

You will pay a venue hire fee direct to the venue owners in most cases. Bear in mind that this fee may vary depending on the date you decide on or the rooms you are using. It’s definitely worth speaking to an Event Manager for advice.

Is there car parking at the venues? Is any of it free?2021-04-13T14:24:24+01:00

Due to the nature of our venues (which are situated on private land), you will usually find free parking on site. Most venues will allow you to leave cars overnight but they usually need to be collected by 10 am the next day, so please ensure your guests are aware of this.

We booked our wedding based on 60 guests, what happens if our guest numbers increase or decrease from the number?2021-04-13T14:16:35+01:00

We can re-quote due to guest number changes up to 21 days before your event date therefore please inform your Event Manager in writing of your final numbers. If your quotation is based on a certain number of guests please note that the cost per guest may increase if Guest numbers fall from those on which the quotation is based on. As per your Terms & Conditions should guest numbers increase, after final numbers have been submitted 21 days prior to your event, there will be a £100 + vat administration fee added to your final invoice.

What is the deposit amount needed to secure a date?2021-04-13T14:19:25+01:00

The deposit amount varies from venue to venue. We generally require 20% deposit.

What’s your cancellation policy?2021-04-13T14:19:07+01:00

Our cancellation policy varies with each venue. Please ask your event manager for the terms and conditions of each venue.

Would you be able to bring in all your own equipment needed for the event?2021-04-13T14:17:20+01:00

Yes, we can do this and therefore giving you less to worry about.

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